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May 18, 2010

Exciting times ahead for ECLO into 2011

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We are all back from Istanbul and what a conference this was!

Just in the process of uploading the photos, have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/eclo2/sets/ they will be there soon.

In addition to the fantastic networking and collaboration between such a diverse group of learning professionals, we also had our now established ECLO Awards, voted for by the participants themselves.  There are three categories, here are the winners and special mention for those who came so close.

ECLO Academic Award

Winner – Hans-Werner Franz (Dortmund University of Technology, Germany)

Worthy of mention – Alaa Garad (Middlesex University, Dubai)

ECLO Practitioner Award

Winner – Diane Doyon + Jacques Limoges (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada)

Worthy of mention – Mireille Boonstra-Kints (KPC Groep, Netherlands)

ECLO Impact Award

Winner – Dan Lamoon and Jon Prest (From Dusk To Dawn, UK)

Worthy of mention – Józefa Fawcett (OFQT Ltd, UK)

We are now busy organising the conference for 2011 – but with a difference.  Bookmark this blog and keep in touch with us as we develop this latest initiative.  Alternatively, you might want to follow our day-to-day activities on our new Twitter account



May 9, 2010

Excellent learning in Istanbul

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With the 17th ECLO conference edging even nearer (12 -14 May) it is an opportunity to reflect – we as the ECLO Board can consider how we can make this one of the best conferences yet, and you the participants taking stock about what you are expecting to learn and to prepare yourselves.

Often people go to networking events and conferences without identifying how it will add value to their knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to their business needs.

During the conference this year we have a wealth of speakers from many different countries as well as our now established ‘knowledge speaker cafe’ and a new addition to our format – the ‘graffiti wall’

We will also be bringing the learning out from Istanbul and onto this blog to encourage the thinking that is started at the conference to a natural and realistic conclusion and hopefully producing something that will be a valuable tool for those who want to use it with their clients or in their own organisation.

More after the conference.

Jozefa Fawcett – Secretary-General, ECLO

June 22, 2009

ECLO 2009 – Den Bosch, NL

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Fantastic event in Den Bosch, NL this year, interesting and thought-provoking discussions – for a superb write up on the conference itself, see Joe Lafferty’s blog post at http://www.joelafferty.com/blog/2009/06/19/a-learning-conference/

This years’ winners of the coveted ECLO Speakers Awards are:

ECLO Academic Award

  • Winner – Rene Brohm (University of Amsterdam)
  • Worthy of Mention – Gabor Kismihok (University of Corvinno, Budapest)

ECLO Practitioner Award

  • Winner – Judy Nix (Ericsson)
  • Worthy of Mention – Ton Bruining (KPC Groep)

ECLO Impact Award

  • Winner – Anita Pickerden (Bournville College)
  • Worthy of Mention – Jill van de Kerkhof & Marene van den Enk (Oasen)

Plans for next year are already underway – venue to be announced shortly so we hope to see you there – maybe you will be the next winner!


Take a look also at our picture gallery on Flickr from this conference and our previous conferences http://www.flickr.com/photos/eclo2/sets/

Feel free to comment using the link below, your learning from this event and what you would like us in ECLO to address in the future.

Keep up to date with our projects via our website

June 15, 2009

Just a few days to go…

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In just two days we start our 16th Annual ECLO conference in Den Bosch and teh team are really excited and eager to drive forward this approach to organisational vitality and innovation.

We will publish pictures and blog entries following the conference.

Keep up to date with all of our activities on our website

May 29, 2009

Netherlands here we come!

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The ECLO possey are off to The Netherlands for our 16th Annual Conference which will be held at the HQ of the KPC Groep in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands on June 18/19, 2009.

Our subject this year:

“Vitality In Organisations – Fit Until The Finish”

We have speakers from 11 different countries and two internationally renowned keynote speakers in Coen Free, President, Koning Willem I College, The Netherlands and Anton Zijderveld, Emeritus Professor of Sociolgy at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

We will post up key learnings and insights on this blog throughout the conference.

We are also disseminating the results of two EU-funded projects:

  1. Using Wireless Technologies for Context Sensitive Education & Training
  2. VISIBLE – Competencies for Project Managers in Regional Development Agencies around Europe.

More soon …

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April 23, 2009

Higher Education

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For almost 30 years the German Workshop for Improvement of Higher Education exists. As a student I joined – and I kept my membership all those years. With my recent sabbatical from my business career, I attended the Annual Conference of the organisation which was relabeled last year to German Association of Higher Education.

The organisation is well alive, though struggling with financial deficits. – The organisation of engaged individuals is the enigne behind the change in perspective in Higher Education in Germany.

It originally initiated activities at many universities – and now at all universities there are centers for improvement of the quality of teaching, in most career plans at universities didactical and andragogic knowledge is required to get promotion … – and the membershift is now shifting from individuals to institutions.

I just mention this history here, since ECLO is looking backward on a similar paths.  In this case ECLO was founded by some individual learning and development executives in major global companies in Europe who felt uneasy with a simple adoption of the Peter Senge’s simplified systems dynamics approach.

In the beginning there was a balance between executives representing companies and individuals from the consulting and academic researching and teaching scene. With the promotion of the concept of the learning organisation and organisational learning, the interest in the organisation lost momentum, though a few continued to keep up the idea of never-ending prioneering new thoughts and approaches into the field (we were among the first to sponsor the knowledge management move in Europe … which took up speed and influence ever since).

The current ECLO team of active members is now both, a thinktank with a past track record of influencing the conceptualising of change and transformation on organisational, national, regional, and cross-border levels respectively, as well as spear-heading the next moves …. – with the annual conference usually being the culminating point of common thinking where most of the energy is focussing.

March 22, 2009

Executive Board

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We have just come back from a superb Board meeting in Veervoode, near Brussels, in Belgium at which we made some exciting decisions about our forthcoming conference in The Netherlands in June and a new collaboration with a Training Institute in UK.

More soon, but for now, check out our new Photo page on Flickr

Welcome to “ECLOG”

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We are the longest surviving Community of Practice based here in Central Europe, though our membership now reaches far and beyond our European boundaries.

ECLO stands for European Consortium for the Learning Organisation and you can read about our history on our website and this is our very first blog from us at ECLO – hence the name “ECLOG”.

We are going to add new information about the activities of the ECLO network here as well as links to pictures from our events across Europe.

So come back soon to read more and post your comments.

If you want to contact us then use the details below:

Jim Jack:   ECLO HQ    jim.jack@eclo.org

Marc Alen:  ECLO President    m_alen@arboth.com

Józefa Fawcett:  ECLO Secretary-General   jozefa@learningvoice.tv

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